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Cosmetics & Juices

  Soaps & Cosmetics Composition Pack size Brand names
1 Anti acne soap Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%bp 75 gm Aclin soap
2 Soap for dry skin Mineral oil 7.5% 75gm Soft derma
3 Scabies - gbhc- Gbhc  1% soap / cool menthol 75 gm Scab soap
4 Whitening soap( hydroquinone ) Hudroquinone  soap 75 gm Eva white
6 Aloe vera + vitamin e soap Vitamin-e 0.8 % aloe vera 0.5 % 75 gm Clin derma
7 Anti bacterial soap Aloevera+actol   Aloe derma
5 Oil control soap Soap noodles/veg oils/glycerine 75gm Eva soap
6 Air freshner tablets Phenolphthalein 50gm Hayaat
1 Spf 30  Spf 30  100ml Sun-derma 30
2 Spf 60  Spf 60  100ml Sun-derma 60
3 Moisturising lotion Moisturising lotion 100ml Soft-derma
4 Skin fairness cream Kozic acid+ mg+ + titanum dixoide cream 15gm Fair- derma
5 Aloe vera + vit e cream Aloe vera + vit e cream 60gm Aloe-derma
6 Vitamin e cream jar pack Vitamin e cream jar pack 100gm E-derma
7 Skin whitening cream hydroquinone Skin whitening cream hydroquinone 15gm Clinderma
 8 Hair serum  Serum 30ml Hair derma
9 Hair gel Hair gel 100gm Hair gel
10 Face scrub Almond and walnut based 75gm Scrub derma
Syringues 2ml/5 ml/ 10ml/20ml
Condoms All types